Just a quick break

Today I've been working on some recordings designed to give someone a quick break, a pattern interrupt, almost - to quote Jon Stewart - a moment of zen. The idea is not to cure or resolve something, but simply to explore what changes when a state that seems to be stuck to us is gently loosened, even for a few minutes.

We know that, in person, a pattern interrupt creates an opportunity to let go of an unwanted state and shift gears. I want to explore how a short audio intervention can allow someone to have more choice about states like confusion, anxiety, headache or fatigue. All of these states land on us and feel as though they are steady and unmovable.

I wonder what would change for people who could listen to a short recording (three to five minutes) at their workplace or in a parking lot (with the car safely parked) that provided a new way to use their attention while they were feeling rotten in one way or another. I wonder if their unconscious minds would notice that they had more control than they thought over how they were feeling.

I wonder if they would notice that even very small breaks, even very small changes, can make a real difference in the quality of our experience.


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