Off and running in 2010

Do you ever feel like you're running through life? I don't mean feel that you are in a race: it's not about the competition. It's more like deciding on your own power to set off at a good crisp pace. You get used to it. You feel the air differently; you hear sounds differently; your balance is different. After a while, standing still feels unnatural.

So you run till you drop. Then you sleep, at least a little, then you run some more.

It's good as long as your mind is free while your body is moving. I know runners and their minds are precise and relaxed while their bodies are moving.

If you're running with your mind, you need to work a little to separate the movement from the need to ramble and the need to be still. You want to find a runner's high that you can support, day after day, week after week.

Because your mind is made for movement and it doesn't tire the way your muscles do. But it does get ramped up and stuck on particulary intense patterns. It does need space in which running and stillness might be the same thing.

You know what I mean. You can find the stillness in your racing mind. And you can know that you can race and you can rest and both are good.


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