Feeling Frazzled?

It's so very peaceful outside my window. The street is very quiet. The sky is about the same colour as the snow covering the lawns.

I could feel that way: calm and present and balanced.

I could, but I don't. I feel frazzled. A phone call, a scheduling headache, concern about driving through a snowstorm this evening. So many little things opening the door to a hoard of their friends: the goblins that poke and prod and annoy with screechy little sounds. These are not important things but they like to proclaim that they are urgent.

If I pack them away, one by one, I will spend my whole day forcing screechy beings into small packages.

I will have to quiet them instead, by moving my attention someplace bright and still and quiet. Someplace like the world outside my window. I will have to breathe gently and play Bach and tell myself: Just one thing at a time. Baby steps.


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