Restoring Your Attention

So many things knock us off our game. I've been busy with good things, but I've been so busy that it's been more than a week since my last post. I have friends who are being knocked around by big, bad news and others who are being pushed a little by physical stresses or too much work. It's hard to pay attention when your attention is up for grabs so much of the time.

I have just been scanning through this post at idealawg. It made me think about blogging, which is one of the ways I restore my own attention when I feel depleted. Writing a post allows me to gather my thoughts, to sit still, to find a point of balance.

Prayer helps, and so does ice cream. Sunshine helps, but it can be hard to get in February. A cup of tea works, but only when it is exactly right.

It's easy to find reasons to be depleted. It's easy to find reasons to stay depleted. Easy gets you stuck.

It's good to move if only in your mind. It's good to feel your muscles stretch and loosen. It's good to feel the ground under your feet, especially when it feels like fresh grass or deep, fine sand. It's good to breathe in fresh air as your eyes seek the horizon.

It's good to spend a few minutes quietly with friends. It's restorative.


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