Working your way to the weekend

I am writing this in class while observing how the bind I have set for my students plays out. It's not just Friday afternoon; it's their last class on the Friday before Reading Week. They would all say that they are ready for the weekend. To get started on the weekend, all they have to do is complete their assignment.

There are no marks on the line. When they make the presentation assigned, they will all get full marks.

So the question is. . . why is it so hard to get motivated people to move more quickly in the direction they say they want?

They want to move comfortably. They want to be comfortable with what they present to the class. They want to look at least as good as the other groups. They want these things more than they want to start their weekends a few minutes early.

I am wondering where my own lines are. What do I want enough to allow myself to move quickly in its direction?


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