Late summer begins now

It's one of those funny times. According to the calendar, summer begins in late June and lasts until late September. We are just about halfway through. But that's not how it feels. It feels like summer begins when we watch for the first crocus in February, and it ends when we begin to notice the back-to-school shopping. This long weekend is not Labour Day, not the end of summer. But it is the moment when we are looking at the end as much as we are looking at the summer.

My own August is almost over before it has even begun. I will spend a week on family and preparation, eight days in intensive training, and then two weeks on vacation. And then it will be time to gather my thoughts and prepare for the fall.

There is an art to holding on to time as it enfolds, to living in the time we have and not in the time that will be next. It takes intention and attention to value each day without sacrificing our hope for the future. It takes a deep breath and soft eyes.

Happy August.

p.s. At first I thought I meant the time unfolds. On further reflection, I thought "enfolds" was more precise.


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