Patience and will power

If I told you I had a sure fire way for you to be more successful, a way that couldn't fail to improve your relationships, develop your skills and provide you with more money and less frustration, you would want to know more. You would be wondering, 'where do I sign up?'

If I went on to say that you already have the information you would need to evaluate my claim in your own experience, you would be willing to examine that experience as if you were digging for treasure. You would dig deep to know what you have been overlooking that would let you achieve more and suffer less.

If I went even further and told you that this sure-fire, can't-possibly-fail formula would also allow you to have a powerful influence on everyone with whom you connect, you would be ready to put that formula to work right away, wouldn't you?

Except that if you read the title to this post, you know that the first three paragraphs are true. You know that the combination of will power and patience has already paid benefits to you in the past and would yield more benefits if you put it in place now. You know that everyone who has had a powerful positive influence on you was a model of will power in combination with patience.

So why aren't you focused on developing this powerful combination?


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