Healing - what business is it of yours

The other day my business partner said that I am a healer. She said that I love to support learning by tending to the well being of other people. The funny thing about that, is, that my belief about that can be shifty. There are days when I look at people and I see what needs to be done and have very little patience for people that can't perform to their potential because they are "unwell". I have friends that hold executive positions in organizations and I watch them roll their eyes when an employee is "under too much stress" to be doing what they are suppose to be doing.

Over the years there are many things that I have learned. They don't roll their eyes because someone is unwell. They genuinely care about their people. The rolling of the eyes is an illustration of frustration because of the inability to see the invisible lines and solution to help. In most main stream businesses, a state of un-health or dis- ease is hidden. The causes are even more hidden. Often we are all left rolling our eyes because we just don't know what to do.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that all performance issues are issues of health. Your sales call went terrible because you had a terrible headache. You had the headache because you had a big sales call. This is the third time you have been late for work because you have a thriving family and getting enough sleep has been difficult. You lost a bigger healthier picture.

Whatever the performance issue is or if you were in our class the statement would be "whatever the performance issue was....who cares! It just feels plain good to be doing something with great focus and attention."

And that's our promise. Come, feel good, be good and live, your performance will get better. Why? Because that's just what happens when you work with us. Healing and learning is our business and when it becomes yours, get excited because you are on a verge of a break through.


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