Leaders have no choice

If you're a leader then lead. If you're a leader and aren't ready: Watch out. If you're a leader and try to hide: Forget about it. You've been found. You can run, kid, but you can't hide. Leaders don't know how.

When I was in my early twenties my brother and I dreamed about a life style management centre that we would run one day. We were so excited. I don't know about him but I seemed to take it seriously.

I remember sitting down by the lake day dreaming about being a part of a group of people that were just successful. Not trying to be but just were.

Linda and I had our second annual HOPE symposium this fall. My dad just died of cancer and the day was very difficult. And I was glad that it was there for me when I most needed it. You see, I am a part of a group of people that just are successful. If fact one could argue that these people all have at least one thing in common. Me. Linda and NLP Canada Training Inc.

Let me introduce you to:
Robert Fisher
Kathleen Milligan
Maxx Kochar
John Steuernol
Karen Petcoff
John Dafos
Alan Crossly
Ron Vereggen
Andrew Reid
James Perly
Melina Murray
Afifa Siddiqui, Cronos Consulting Group
Mike Murray
André See Yin Kuok
Ann Jagan
Dr. Barbara Luedecke, Ph.D.
Bev Hagerdorn
Christine Laperriere
Dr. David Murphy
Dr. Mike Mandel
Geddie Pawlowski, P.Geo.
Kathleen Milligan
Dr. Linda Ferguson
Mike Verhey
Sheri Andrunyk
Steve White
Susan Hobson
Willard Bond
Zoe Pepler
Richard Roell

In fact you should goto www.relaxedandready.com and get to know just how cool and smart and successful these people are. They succeed when others don't. I respect them and am grateful for them being a part of my life.

See what your missing?

I guess there's only two question at this point. What's next? And where are you going to be?


Mike Murray said…
I can't tell you how honored I am to be on that list. That's a group of amazing people.

And, as you point out, the list has in common the amazing centers of the community.

Thank you both for being so awesome and providing a centre for all of us to orbit.

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