NLP tricks for the holidays

It's the time of year when almost everyone wishes for just a little magic. If you're celebrating Christmas, then magic goes with the territory. And if you're not, then there's still moonlight on snow, and parties, and a fresh start in a new year.

So here's just a little magic for the season, marked with stars to remind you that these are not instructions but magic tricks!

* You can make the most trivial gifts into wonders. Try this: Think about someone you want to give a terrific gift. Allow yourself to be flooded by memories of the things that connect you with this person, the things you really enjoy. Now tell yourself that the next time you see this person, you are going to feel exactly what you're feeling now. You might be surprised to find that whatever gift you give in that frame will be received as something extraordinary.

* Scan through your body until you find sensations or information that is pleasant. You just need one part of you that is feeling good, that is warm or comfortable or energized or that is seeing or hearing something you like. Find just that one thing and then find out how intently you can focus on just that one thing. You'll find that you can magnify the good stuff many times over with just your attention.

* If you want real power, gaze deep into someone's eyes and breathe with them until you feel that you're in sync. The words you say next are sure to connect.

Believe in this magic and it will work for you in ways you expect and ways that are even better than that.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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