Isn't it time to DO something?

For many years, I have taught a simple sales process as part of a course in business writing. Today, I found the same model in a slideshare show through Linked In. The formula is

Over the years, I have used variations but they all suggest that you need to connect with someone, engage their interest, help them imagine themselves using your product or service, then tell them what to do to make it happen.

Isn't it easy to forget that final step when we are motivating ourselves? We gather great information and imagine lots of options. We might even choose one. But the step that makes all the difference is the last one: do we get active or not?

It's Easter weekend and the sun is shining (some of the time). Easter is very late this year. Whether or not you celebrate it as a religious holiday, the long weekend and family time probably prepares you to move from winter into summer (spring is a bit of a fiction in Ontario almost every year).

On Tuesday, the season in our minds will have changed. We will be heading towards summer. We will have lots of things we want.

The question is not what you want or how you know you want it. The question for this edge is: what one thing will you do on Tuesday that gets you moving in a fresh direction?


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