Off for a restful adventure

I spent my morning saying goodbyes. It was hard to drop the dog off. Her trip to the city was so exciting until she realized it was all a trick and she wasn't going to get to go back home. We all know what that is like, and knowing should make it harder to drop the dog off, even for a relatively short time.

Vacations are fun when you are planning them and fun when you are on them. In between can be hard. The point of a vacation is to wake up in one place and go to GED omeplac entirely different. Last year, when I finally arrived at my vacation bedroom, a bullet came through my headboard. That was entirely different than being at home, and an unsettling reminder that change can be quite disturbing.

So I spent the morning telling people I love that I love them, and touching base and finishing tasks and, of course, vacuuming the living room and imagining walking into it at the end of he trip. Leaving is like that. Even when you are just leaving for a vacation you need.

Luckily, leaving doesn't last forever. Eventually, even after you ave arrived at the airport much too early, the plane will lift off and the travels will begin. Later tonight we will drink welcoming mojitos by a lovely pool under warm skies.

And maybe you will hear more about it. Or maybe not. Vacations shouldn't be too predictable.


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