Farewell and good bye

It's never easy to say goodbye. We find all kinds of way to avoid the word - to get off the phone or away from the meeting with any phrase that doesn't bring us smack into the reality of separation from someone whose welfare matters to us.

Goodbye comes from "God be with you" or - if you are not a believer - 'good be with you.' Farewell or fare thee well - means "I hope things go well for you." Think about that. Both words mean I care how you will do and be and I cannot go there with you. It's no wonder we are careful about saying it.

And yet, these are also words we use without much thought. Maybe that's because thinking about them is scary and it hurts. People come and go in our lives, often unpredictably. As much as we live in the present, there comes a time when we are on the edge, when someone is about to go. So we tell them "Go and be well."

My partner Chris is leaving the business he founded. He has given me new ways to think, new ways to teach, and new experiences. He has been my co-dreamer, my supporter, and my friend. We have kept each other going through good times and not-so-good times. And now we are at the edge.

Good bye, Chris. God go with you. Fare very well.


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