Just hanging out together

It's one of the first hot days of summer (even if the calendar won't catch up for a few weeks), a day that feels like it was made for just hanging out with a good friend. A long walk through a park or along the lakeshore, a patio, a backyard bbq: the perfect way to spend sunshine and heat and green grass. Just thinking about it, you can feel yourself unwind as your mind begins to wind its way back. . .

Do you remember the day you walked and talked and didn't talk, until you stopped for a drink. And then walked some more?

Do you remember sitting outside and eating and drinking and wishing you could stay right where you were?

Do you remember watching the clouds in the sky, and letting your thoughts shift with their shapes?

Whether or not it is sunny and hot as you read this, it has been hot and sunny as you read this. And whether or not we have met, you have been my friend and companion on this perfect, sunny day.


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