One day in Paris

We thought it would rain this morning so we decided that it was a good day for the Musee d'Orsay since both mom and I love it. There is no direct way to get there from the hotel by Metro, so we thought we would is mostly downhill.

On the way, we admired shoe stores and patisseries with equal enthusiasm. I had started tube day by crossing the street and buying a small baguette studded with chocolate. We had it with tea in our room. We bought the kettle yesterday because I do not feel pampered if I want a large mug of tea and can't have one.

A market had appeared where none was before. I should have bought scarves but it was still so early in the day. I should have bought the little pink dress with smocking for at least one of the baby girls who will be in my life this fall. I have some commitment issues.

We made our way down towards Shakespeare and Company - not to buy books or even to go in, but just because it is there. We found the street with the oldest church in Paris and flyErs for a Chopin concert tonight. We will be on our way there soon. A few doors down we found the jazz club we will visit one evening. And then it was time for coffee. Mom fed the pastry crumbs to the sparrows.

By the time we arrived at the d'Orsay the line was at least an hour long. It was worth the wait, even with the real possibility of rain. I discovered large parts of the collection that I had missed before and visited some old friends. Then to the Tuilleries for gelato. Then to l'Orangerie so I could gaze into the gaze of Monet as he gazed at water lilies and discovered a shifting beautiful thoughtful world.

We wandered from there to the Madeleine, where we arrived in time for a performance by a youth orchestra from New Orleans led by a conductor from Haiti who murmured his introductions into the microphone.

The patisserie across the street was as crowded when we stopped in for quiche as it was first thing this morning.


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