The miracle question

My friends in Solution Focused coaching often use the miracle question to uncover resourcefulness in their clients. They ask: "If a miracle happened overnight, while you were asleep, and the problem was solved. . ."

This fall, there are babies in my life for the first time in a long time.  When I think of a miracle, I think of a tiny fist wrapped around just one of my fingers, of the perfection of each tiny fingernail and each perfectly formed little finger.  I think of the unexpected strength in that grip, and the strength of the pull in my heart that responds to it.  The miracles that come to mind for me are tiny and complicated and hugely influential.

I wonder if there are miracles in your life that are so small and vulnerable you hardly notice them at all. Miracles that you have welcomed or ignored until they hardly seem like miracles at all.  Yet if you did pay attention, if you let them connect with you, you might be overwhelmed by the power of that connection. You might find that it changed everything in precisely the same way that a tiny fist closed around your finger changes everything although it changes nothing.

Could you notice a miracle that is already happening?  You might notice a miracle that is more complicated than you could consciously unwind, that pulls a little at your heart, that changes your direction a fraction of a degree or heightens your perceptions just a little bit. You might notice that already have a little more of what you need than you thought you did.


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