Which book will you pick?

It's very late, and you are tired.  You find yourself in a large bookstore, and as you move down an aisle, you hear a door shut.  You know, suddenly, that the store has just closed for the evening and you will be locked inside until morning.

Now you have a choice.  There are rows and rows of books, and you have enough time to read one, cover to cover.  You know that one of these books holds a message that will be the key to the next part of your life. But there are thousands of books on the shelves.

Where will you go first?  You know the way that books are organized in bookstores.  There are shelves of books for business and psychology and self-development.  There are books on nature, and on health, and on computers.  There are books on photography and the performing arts.  There are books on the social sciences and on spirituality and on cooking. And then there are shelves of poetry and drama (not many - but there are some), and shelves of novels of different kinds.  There are even children's books.

Where are you walking now?  Which shelves are you exploring. And what will tell you that you have found that one book that holds precisely the message you need before the doors open in the morning?


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