Integrity and resolutions

What do you think of when you think of integrity? Chances are, you think of someone who walks the talk, someone who keeps their promises, someone who follows through.

When you think of integrity, you think of behaving in a way that is consistent with what your best self wants.

Now think of resolutions, of the promises you could make to others or yourself about how 2012 will be different from 2011.  Did a number of objections quickly spring to mind about how resolutions are different than promises and about how much of what went wrong in 2011 wasn't really within your control?  That voice makes itself heard inside my head, too.

Integrity is about discovering enough of yourself so that you (and other people) can predict your responses especially when the world is outside your control.  If you think about yourself, with honesty and without judgment, you'll know that more is possible and that not everything is possible.

Now ask yourself: what kind of promises could I make myself that I would keep because they would be both useful and consistent with who I am and how I think at my best? And then ask yourself: which of these resolutions would it be useful to share so that I can see my choices reflected around me?

I am going to continue to work at my yoga practice in 2011: to get to the studio at least twice or three times a week, and to make time and space to practice at home at least one or two more days a week.  I am going to tell myself that I have what it takes to become stronger, more flexible, more balanced and more in tune with the best me.

Now you know. I'm not just going to work hard to bring you the best material: I'm going to practice intentionally to be the best self bringing you the best material in 2012.

Your turn now.


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