The people we miss in the winter

It's true that the holidays are often difficult. We have memories of other years, years when the whole family was happy and present. It's hard to match those memories. We miss people who are gone and sometimes, people who have changed.

The truth is, that missing doesn't end when we go back to work in January. There is something about a Canadian winter that makes us consciously and unconsciously want a hug. We want to curl up somewhere cozy with someone who knows how to make us laugh, how to have a long conversation that drifts off into quiet, how to sit quietly when our eyes fall shut and our breathing becomes soft and even.

The people we miss in the winter are the people we would want in front of the fire with us, even if we don't really have a fireplace. Sometimes they are people who have been in our lives, and sometimes they are the people we have wished were part of our lives. Real or imagined, however they have been lost, we miss them.

You can wrap your arms around yourself and stare into the fire. It's not the same.

In winter, we long for someone to share a small warm space in a large dark world.


UB said…
Yes that is what winter does to the human, it strips us. We meander around in the nude. Memories of past mistakes and our hopes for the future. Finding peace with the past and preparing a new future.

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