Back after a long summer break

It's been a long time, and I didn't announce that I was leaving. I didn't know.  Sometimes, priorities shift and honouring some goals means leaving others to wait. For many years, this blog has been a writing practice. Over the past year, my real writing practice has been to work on a book. This week, I should do the last of a series of edits and send it off for a first printing.

Now I am back, and thinking about how best to connect through this blog in the coming year. It feels like time for a shift, for what we are calling in a course next month "Purpose, Presence and Priorities." The purpose of a blog was different in the days before facebook and twitter and linkedin updates (I have been writing that long).  Through the years, I have turned to the blog when I wanted to model how I was dealing with challenges or making connections or noticing what had already changed in me or someone around me.

But the name of the blog is ntgr8. And that signifies an intention to build the integrity of a whole by respecting the integration of all the parts.  It was my idea when I started: now it's the idea at the heart of my business team - the ideal that connects us and motivates us and shapes our training.  Readership is one way for a blog to judge its success: weaving ideas that drive real world actions is another.

In the next month, visit if you'd like to sit with me while I shape a new purpose and priorities that reflect all the changes in the way I work and the people who share my work.


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