My tribe are people who want to know they are living their lives well

The people I teach at NLP Canada Training come from many different backgrounds, locations, and fields. They are therapists, entrepreneurs, managers, explorers, teachers and coaches. They are between 20 and 60 years old (mostly). They have been Canadian for many generations and they are new to Canada.  It doesn't look like they have enough in common to be a market or a tribe.

What makes them a tribe is that they really want to make a difference in their own lives. They don't want to shut down, opt out, or settle for less. They want to be able to end each day feeling that they made good choices and at the very end of the day, they want to know they lived a life that was satisfying to them and that they will leave a legacy that furthers what they value.

Some of them are highly successful and some of them are at a crossroads.  All of them believe that it matters that they want to feel good and to do good. All of them believe that our choices make a difference.  If they are winning, they want to explore and enjoy. If they are failing, they want to endure with grace while they uncover better choices.

My tribe believes it is worth practicing the skills of attention, intention and influence. They already know that opening themselves to new information will allow them to shape better goals and to have a more predictable impact. They also know that knowing isn't enough. You have to practice to get better.

My job is to guide people through the practices that support their drive to live better and do better.


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