I Require Connection to Pursue my Passion

I suppose this heading might take your thoughts in lots of different directions. That's the way both connection and passion work.

The direction I intend you to remember is that this sentence is a mnemonic that will allow you to quickly recall 5 useful beliefs about human beings. These beliefs will help you feel better, connect better with others, and set goals that are worth your time, your energy and your enthusiasm.

I is for Integration. Believe that each human being (even you) is one unified being, that body and mind and unconscious processes all work together as just one integrated system.

R is for Resourcefulness. Believe that each human being (even you) has the strengths, characteristics and intelligence to live a more satisfying life.

C is for Connection. Believe that the mind/body system of each human being (even you) is exquisitely equipped for observing and connecting with other human beings.

P is for Predictable. Believe that each human being (even you) works in patterns and that when you accurately identify the pattern you can predict the responses and behaviours of that person.

P is for Purposeful. Believe that each human being (even you) behaves as though they had a purpose that drives their selection of patterns and behaviours, and that human beings are happiest when they are aware of their purpose.

These are not truths and you do not need to believe them as if they were true. Any reasonable person can come up with exceptions to most of these. What you are welcome to test is the possibility that acting as though these five qualities were characteristic of every human being will improve your ability to read people, identify and move on common ground, and make better decisions about your goals and relationships.

I Require Connection to Pursue my Passion.
Integrated. Resourceful. Connected. Predictable. Purposeful.

One sentence to remember 5 words that might change the results you get this week.


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