3 Ways to Avoid a Shipwreck

On land, we look for car crashes and train wrecks that happen when people get off track. At sea there are no tracks and ships can be wrecked by what happens on the surface or by dangers under the surface. Knowing roughly where or what those dangers are is not enough to stop a wreck.

How can you avoid a shipwreck?

You could hire and train the very best of crews. They would be able to respond to dangerous conditions more quickly and with more skill than others. They would be committed to their own safety and to keep the ship afloat and moving in the right direction. They would start with state-of-the-art skills and deliberately practice to stay sharp and keep improving.

The ship might sink anyway. The sea is notoriously unpredictable and unseen dangers remain unseen. You would have improved the odds by hiring the best, but would that be enough?

Maybe what you need is a stronger, faster more agile ship. An unsinkable ship. Like the Titanic.

The best solution is not found on the ship. It's found on a point of land near to the site of previous disasters. The best way to avoid shipwrecks is to build a lighthouse. While a lighthouse doesn't remove the unseen dangers, it does offer your good sound ship and your expert crew the information they need to navigate around them.

Where will you build your lighthouse and who will you trust to keep the light shining?


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