What are you searching for when you begin to look for self-development?

It all started with a marketing exercise on search terms that would lead someone to my website at www.nlpcanada.com. I dutifully made a list of the kinds of keywords Google suggests and realized that they didn't fit the way I write on the site and they didn't fit the way people talk when they first connect with me on the phone or at a program.

So I made a list of what I think is really going on when people say, "I heard about NLP and I've been interested for a long time. . ."

I’m stuck
I want to know me better
I wonder where (else) I fit
I need my kids/partner/employees to understand my priorities 
I have to learn more/better/faster
I need to make adjustments
I need to get it together
Could I communicate more clearly?
Could I get other people to do what I want them to do?
How do I help other people without suffocating their independence?
How do I teach people to “get it” faster?
What do I really believe about success?
What should I be doing? Is there such a thing as should?
I need to set some priorities
How do people make choices?
How could I make better decisions?
How do I stay energized enough to cope with my responsibilities?
How do I fix my relationship with my partner/coworker/child/ parent?
I need better relationships at home/ at work/ with friends
I want something and I don’t know what it is yet
I want to want the things that will be good for me
There’s something missing
I have never been able to get past X
I don’t trust myself
I wonder if I could do better
I need to do something different
What now? What else? What will I be when I grow up?

How do I make it better for me? for someone I care about? for my clients?


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