What does it take to make a sale?

There are lots of sales training programs based on the idea that forcing yourself to manipulate people is the best route to making a sale. There are lots of companies running on the idea that quotas are the best route to drive people to make a sale. There are lots of people who believe that beating themselves into submission is the best route to making a sale.

All of those ways work. For a price.

What if there were another way? What if you could sell by making a real connection between someone else and work you value? What if selling was just the first step in allowing someone to experience what you have created or what you believe is worth doing?

What if?

The work I do is often about what ifs. It's about imagining that the situation could be better with such commitment that, more often than makes sense logically, the situation becomes better. It's about finding the counter examples, the times when things worked in a way that felt better or did more good.

There are lots of people who believe that sales is a fun way to connect with people and create a tangible trace for that connection. There are lots of people acting as if making a sale could be good for them and good for the people who buy. There are lots of people finding ways to enjoy exploring what ifs together.

What if you wanted to know more?

You'd visit me at www.nlpcanada.com. You'd read a few more posts. You'd find a way to learn.


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