You will never win a gold medal at the Olympics. Now what?

We all hit transitions in life when we realize that the time for a dream is over. It's time to let go and find something new to hope and plan. The world often seems to belong to the young because they have lots of dreams left and lots of time. As we get older, we realize that it's too late for some dreams and that others would cost more than we are willing to give. What now? We wonder briefly and then get busy tending to the works in progress that take up most of our time and energy.

If a miracle happened and this problem disappeared, what would be different? In many ways, it is easier to imagine a problem disappearing than a goal forming. If a miracle happened and you got the one wish deep in your heart, how would you know? And, since we are grown ups and familiar with the reality within and around us, how can we shape an imagining that makes the best of what we are determined to keep (whether or not it fits into our miracle)?

I have been watching this year, as grown ups who have hit big transitions begin to inch their way towards their miracles. Many are in new, resilient, intriguing relationships - with lovers and partners and businesses. The miracles take a lot of work and a certain amount of stubborn courage. The work I do helps people connect with both their stubborn determination and their courage. That's why I get to watch rough, bumpy miracles come into being.

If a miracle happened tonight and you woke up to find you had the desire held deep in your heart, what would be different? You can feel the answer stirring. Maybe it even pops into your awareness as a moment, an image, a phrase. What will you do with that? Will you weave it into your days or pretend you did not notice? People will tell you that you should hold onto your dreams, that you can have that thing you want.

Grown ups know that some miracles happen and some do not. There is no guilt in recognizing your miracle and then working with what you have now instead. You are doing the best you have with what you have and tomorrow the miracle may have shifted.

Or the world will shift to give you a miracle. And you will decide whether you have the courage and the stubbornness to hold onto it.


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