How long can you go without a great cup of coffee?

It's not really about the coffee (although I believe this was really good coffee). It's not even about having someone pour you a little springtime in the middle of a very long, very cold winter.

It's about what changes in you as you make time and space to notice where and when you are as you sip the coffee.

Sometimes it's a great coffee because you need to create a treat for yourself, a moment to gather energy and let your thoughts rest. You might be sitting on a dock in the sunrise or in a busy crowd at a cool independent coffee shop or you might sit for a moment instead of running out of the place you always pick up a coffee for the road.

What makes it great is in the coffee and in you. It's the moment of "ahhh." And the next moment, when the satisfaction lingers and your mind moves on.

Sometimes it's a great coffee because someone on the other side of the table has all of your attention. You sip your coffees and talk or do not talk, but you are paying attention to each other. You are engaged and enriched because you are connected. For just a few minutes, you are content to be exactly where you are.

It's not really about the coffee.


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