There are only two problems that everyone has to manage

I've been thinking about how to communicate value to people. Should I just be saying that if you come to one of my programs, you will get to think in really cool ways? It's true. I create experiences that open people up to new thoughts in a way that feels really good. But that doesn't tell people how I solve problems.

I do show people that they can solve problems. And in thinking about the problems they solve or could solve or might want to solve, I've realized that every human day wakes up every morning with just two problems:
  1. How will I spend my time?
  2. How will I live with other people?
These are the two non-negotiable conditions of human life for everyone regardless of location, experience, background, etc. etc. etc.  What will call life is continuous with what we call time: we cannot make more of it. Once we have used it, it is gone. How we spend our time is how we are spending our lives, and time moves regardless of whether we are intentional or ready or interested.
Our brains spend some of this time restlessly searching for input from other human beings. We are wired to connect and while we can choose to be alone some of the time, that takes some willpower and some special arrangements. For most of us, life requires interaction.

The quality of your life is the quality of the choices you make about how to spend your time and how to interact with others.


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