Purpose, Presence and Play

Last night, on the anniversary of 9/11, we held a program called Purpose and Presence. It sounds like a suitably serious response to serious events.

It was also a chance to play. We laughed, a lot.

We took seriously the possibly that a dangerous world is nonetheless a world where we might focus on people we admire and qualities we want to have. It was safe, for that time at least, to open ourselves to the possibility that what we need might be available to us.  People met the interesting people in the room and the interesting people they talked about. They thought about what works. And what works is often fun.

Fun is inherently practical. By starting with the faith that you already have what you need, you can begin to notice that you have more than you thought. More direction, more support, more motivation. Fun shines the light on the good things that sometimes get pushed into dark corners while we focus on important matters.

It's Friday. Maybe you're looking forward to the weekend and maybe you're not. The elements of fun are almost always these: movement, people, imagination.  Whatever your mood, you'll find more opportunities on Monday if you manage a little fun before then.


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