Go with Desire! It's Better to Know What You Want than to Take What You Get

On November 29, NLP Canada Training will hold its 6th annual HOPE symposium. The symposium is a day-long conversation about how to make people believe that good things are possible. This year, the theme is Don't Go with the Flow: Go with Desire!

Desire is a faintly naughty word, a word that suggests that there is something you want that is primal and primary. Somewhere deep within you, something resonates and you are willing to cross boundaries and build new connections so you can satisfy that wanting. It means something, although you cannot say what it means, and it brings out the best in you. It's that thing deep inside that pushes teams to championships and individuals to work the extra hour, to take chances, to hang in when there seems to be no chance of success.

If you think that either you have "it" or you don't, then you haven't thought hard enough. Everyone has a capacity for desire, for longing, for wanting something out of reach. Even people who are weighed down by responsibilities, who have been beaten down by too much pressure, who have been knocked down by failures and rejections - even people like you have a spark somewhere deep inside. And a little oxygen and one little spark can lead to warmth and light and energy.

It's November. We push the clocks back this weekend and enter the long months of leaving in the dark and coming home in the dark, the months when we need light and warmth. It's the perfect time to fan the flames. HOPE is one way to add oxygen to your spark. We have good conversations and good connections with people who care, with people who nurture their own spark of desire and fan the flames for others.

Where will you find the people who help you notice that spark in you? If you're not sure, try this. Go looking for the spark of true desire in the people around you. Like will call to like and the spark in you will send out flames towards the fire you see in others.


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