The economic value of bounce

I know. You don't want to be resilient. You don't want to have courage. You don't even want to have hope. You want to win every time out of the gate. You want the business to grow steadily and the ground you walk on to be covered with fresh rose petals. You want to do the right thing and know the right thing to say and you want to be right.

Tough luck.

Even if you got all those things today and tomorrow and the next day, you would know that change was coming. And change frequently feels like getting knocked on your fanny. The world is nothing if not tough love.

The hardest thing to teach sales people (and, as Dan Pink says, we are all in sales) is to put aside their longing to have more control over other people and spend some time learning what they will need to bounce. I know that people come to me hoping that I will teach them magic words and powerful strategies for getting what they want. In fact, I really can show them stuff about themselves that does feel magical and that will eventually get them what they want.

But not every day. The thing you can control is not having 100% success rate. The thing you can control is having 100% bounce rate. Whenever you get knocked down, you have 100% control over getting back up.

It's not as much fun as rose petals and good chocolate and parades in your honour. But you can count on it.

And knowing what to count on has real economic power. It lets you predict the future and hang in until you make it happen.


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