What happens when the storm hits unexpectedly?

We had a storm in Toronto yesterday. Not a storm like they're having in Buffalo this week, but enough snow to turn a one hour commute into a four hour commute. We all expected a little light snow. What came was more than that, and many drivers hit a little ice and everyone else was suddenly trapped in a car that had nowhere to go.

That happens in life, too. Out of the blue, there's a storm.  And little girls all over the world are celebrating those storms because of one Disney princess.  She causes a storm by exploring the full nature of her power. I watch my 3 year old niece singing "Let it Go" and I know she gets it - there's energy and there is also joy in finding out what you can do.

It would be cool (pun intended) to follow Elsa's lead and sing "The cold never bothered me anyway." The cold is the price that comes with letting go and risking the consequences of finding your own power.

I'm running a conference on November 29 on the theme: Don't Go with the Flow: Go with Desire! It's about taking the chance to find out what you can do - even when it stirs up a storm around you. It's about what it takes to make your way through the storm and out the other side. It's not about a Snow Queen or even a snow storm, but it is about finding the thread of continuity that runs through your days and makes sense of the themes that are driving you.

Finding that thread of continuity is what lets us move through storms with some of Elsa's grace. It will let you hear the noise and feel the cold and keep moving and keep discovering the voice and the power you didn't know you had.


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