Warning: Difficult holiday ahead

The hardest part of the holidays is the expectation that they are supposed to be easy and fun.

The very word "holiday" suggests a lovely break from work, a time when the world is a happy place full of lovely people, good food, and fun things to do.

Occasionally, happiness happens. There are nice surprises when we are looking the other way. They are truly lovely breaks, moments to celebrate and remember that the world can be a really great place. 

Most of the time, happiness develops slowly and with effort. We make choices and notice results and make an effort, and sometimes we notice that we're making progress and it feels good. Holidays are happy when we think about what has made us happy and do more of that.

It snowed today. People worry that we won't have snow for Christmas and they complain bitterly when it snows before Christmas.  Some of them are frustrated and unhappy because weather changes their plans. It's quite inconvenient.

This is true for me too. But I will take a breath, get the work done, and get on with doing what is important to me. And this year, I will be a tiny bit better at choosing to make happy happen.


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