The fun is not a sugar coating; it's the experience of learning as it happens

Kids learn. Adults are educated.

When was learning transformed into something inappropriate for competent grown ups?

All adults learn, even the ones who resist it most strenuously. Quickly or slowly, they develop the skills and gather the information necessary to adjust and adapt to changes in their experience and in their environments. Suffering is optional. Or it should be.

I have seen adults (some of them quite young) who have been convinced that fun is the spoonful of sugar that makes the learning palatable. They believe that learning is a necessary evil, a drudgery best overcome by distraction. They believe that stasis is natural.

Stasis is not natural to human beings. Their brains and bodies and minds are continually changing. Use it or lose it, the saying goes. If you're not growing, you're decaying. Learning is what this particular equipment has evolved/ was designed to do.

The fun is not a sugar coating: it is the realization that every single one of us was born to learn and learning can feel splendid. It is quite literally its own reward, as the brain stores up new patterns that make life easier or achievement possible. Learning is strength made available when it is needed.

I only seem to be a trainer of NLP. Really I am a voice that calls to the learner in you: come out and play. My passion is for reconnecting grown ups with their shining desire to learn with mind and heart and more.


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