Dig deep for the light

This post will be a little different. If you're not feeling the poetry, tune in next week.

If there's one thing I  have learned
It is this.

You will never reach the light by climbing
By stretching for the skies
By skimming over the surface.

You have to dig deep for the light
Under the hurt, under the hope, under the things
That have never quite healed.

You have to dig deep for the light
Undistracted by the wind
or the noise of things that fly.

And if I see you
With dark eyes and a shovel
I'll bring you a cool drink
And a bite to eat.

And if I see you
I will look through
The darkness in your eyes
To see the glimmer of the light
So you will know

It's worth it to keep digging
For the light you cannot see

You have to dig deep
For the light.


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