What's stopping you from having more confidence?

Is this what confidence looks like to you? Some people think confidence comes from deep roots in tradition and thought and money. Some people think it comes from looking like people and institutions that are backed by authority. They think confidence looks like long-held power.

If this is what you think you need to achieve in order to feel confident, then confidence can seem impossible. 

I think confidence looks like a two-year-old shouting bus! I think it looks like someone in a kitchen, peeling potatoes without thought because she's peeled a million before that. I think it looks like the grin before the shot gets taken. 

There's a lot you don't know and will never know. That doesn't stop you from enjoying the thing you have just learned. It doesn't stop you from knowing what you know right down to the bones because you've practiced it forever. It doesn't stop you from taking joy in playing the game.

The thing that stops you from having more confidence? It's your belief that confidence looks like an institution. It's your belief that if you were really confident, that confidence would last unchanged for a hundred years.


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