Lives change during conversations on this step

Welcome to the view from the front steps of the building where we train. At this time of year, the garden is beautiful and the park is green and lively. Sitting on these steps, you can watch the traffic go by or you can let your thoughts drift. But if you want your life to change on these steps, you'll want someone to talk with.

Front steps are a special place, a portal between inside and outside. They signal the movement of information and influence between what is kept behind closed doors and what circulates with the traffic outside. When two people meet in a space that is both inside and outside, remarkable conversations happen. They share a paradox, a space that is both private and public. And through that space, they are motivated to connect more fluidly and more deeply.

It's possible to have a front-steps conversation at any time of year, but it's definitely best when the sun is shining and the air is warm. As you talk about whatever comes up, you feel both connected and detached. It's the perfect metaphor for the mental space that can acknowledge emotions without becoming immersed in them. It's the perfect metaphor for seeing the big picture from within a frame that defines your point of view. It's the right place to consider change before stepping into it.

You don't need our front step to make change happen. Just find a space in-between, neither inside nor outside, neither public nor private. And then meet a friend there to talk. And notice what happens next.


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