How to keep your head

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We're one day away from Halloween and you're probably surrounded by images of heads that have become separated from bodies. If you're lucky, you're not also surrounded by coworkers who are losing their heads.

Since you probably already know how to lose your head (at least under pressure), here are three reminders of how to keep it:
  1. Your head should be continuous with your body. That means staying aware of your physical needs for food, rest, exercise and touch (yes - I said touch. People are social creatures and a hug will often reconnect a lost head).
  2. Your  body and your head should be moving in the same direction. You need to walk your talk when you want to keep your head. Integrity is a sure way to reconnect the head you are afraid you are losing.
  3. Phone a friend. Better yet, go find a friend and talk in person. Putting your concerns into words will stabilize them and telling them to a friend will add both comfort and perspective.
When you're losing your head, it's hard to keep it together. You'll be tempted to avoid real connection (you'll talk at people instead of with them) and to avoid your body (sleep deprivation makes it easier to pretend that your mind and body can function separately). People who have lost their heads are also separated from their strong memory of what they value, so it's harder for them to walk their talk. 

The best way to ensure that you can keep your head is to keep it. Stay connected to your body, to your values and to your friends in good times, and you'll find that you are able to stay connected during catastrophes and other distractions.


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