Do the important thing

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If you're like me, then 2017 already feels like a long time ago. Your eyes are looking deep into the new year, and you've got more to do than you know how to manage. Your days are crowded with too many tasks and too many commitments. And what you really feel like doing most days is to crawl under a duvet and wait for the weather to warm up.

How do you stay on course when you're feeling the stress and the time crunch? You might think it's all about managing your time better. If you just stick to those 15 minute increments in your crammed agenda, you'll get everything done. You've probably got an app for that, or maybe a book or two with different systems for staying on task. But if all that was working for you, you would not be reading this.

You're reading this in the hope that one more post will give you one idea that actually works so you can keep your head above water and stick to your plans for the new year. And I'm going to give you just one idea: do the important thing.

The important thing is not always the thing on your list. Sometimes there is someone in your life who needs (I mean really needs) your presence. Being with them is the right thing, even if it messes up your agenda. Sometimes you're the one who needs you. You need to go for a walk, curl up with a novel, connect with a friend or just clean the bathroom. None of these things sound important, but if one of them clears your head enough so that you have fresh energy or a fresh idea, it might be the most important thing you do today.

Our to-do lists and time management apps are crowded with thins that have to be done, but at any given moment, those things might not be very important. Make time for the walk, the child, the deep and wandering conversation. Appreciate someone. Not only will you have done the right thing, you'll probably have created time so that other important things can happen.

Time isn't as steady as clocks make it seem. It expands or contracts with focus. When you give your full, engaged attention to the important things, the other things get done too.


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