Even when the choices are all bad, it's good to make a choice

I wonder if what frustrates people so much about elections like the one we are having in Ontario now is that they are reminded of how often they have to make choices between alternatives that just aren't good enough.


We often want a change because what we have isn't working for us, only to decide that none of the options available are good enough either. And then we say something like, "Why bother?"

Here are three reasons to bother. It is worth making a choice, even when - especially when - you don't like any of the options:
  • Shift happens.  Very small changes add up to larger impacts.  It does matter even if one choice is only slightly better than another.
  • You don't have to vote. But there will be many times when you have to make a choice in your own life when you don't like your options. Practice will make the process easier. 
  • Life will often take choices away from you. In those moments, you will want to find even the smallest space in which you can make your own choice. Choice is sometimes how we define the world but always the way we define ourselves.
If you have a vote, you have a choice. Notice what matters to you. Notice how you react to being frustrated with what is available. And then deal with it. Every choice you make deliberately gives you an opportunity to know yourself better and to make at least a tiny difference in the world you influence.


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