What does it take to stay committed to your goals?

Many people believe that all they really need is to get clear about what they want. They believe in the Law of Attraction. They're sure that if they have a clear vision, they will naturally make it happen.

In my experience, they are skipping a few steps.

It's possible to get clear and get stuck. Clear is good, but it's not enough.

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You need to commit to what you want and stay committed through distraction, disruption and obstacles.  That's why so many people want to hire an accountability coach: they know that knowing what they want isn't enough to get them there.

In my experience, you can't delegate accountability. It's up to you to be accountable for your actions. What you can do is seek out people (who might be coaches) who do two things: 1) remind you to look at your goals within the big picture and to "re-center your map" when you have been pulled away from your vision and 2) remind you to look back into your own experience for the skills, strengths and motivation you need to apply to stay on track.

Your own accountability starts with noticing when you are distracted (it doesn't matter really whether you are distracted by exciting things or depressing things) and seeking the influences that will show you how to take a better look at what you want and how to move there. Those influences can be coaches or professionals. They could also be anyone in your life who connects you to the energy and will power that keeps you looking around the obstacles to see the direction you want to take.


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