Here's to hope and peace and a quiet cup of tea

This is a wish for you as the year ends and everyone is happy and crazy and angry and sad, all at the same time.

This is a wish that you are happy even when the people you care about are absent or angry or distracted or depressed.

This is a wish that you look ahead and see good things, even if you are not sure you know what resolutions to make or goals to set or plans to hope for --beyond just one really good night's sleep.

This is a wish that no matter what other people are doing, or who they are electing or protesting, you find some joy - if not in a stocking, then in something that you choose or make.

This is a wish that you find yourself sitting with things that have troubled you for years and be surprised that now you can own what you have done or said or felt - or what you did not do or say or feel - and you're okay.

This is a wish for a tiny, nurturing breeze over that spark of a dream that you hardly ever let yourself think about.

This is a wish that whether things are going well or not-so-well, whether the world is with you or against you, whether you are happy or scared or sick or sad, you will find moments to sit with a cup of tea or coffee or just hot water, and sip it slowly, and let warmth make you quiet, inside and out.

Whatever your beliefs, the world is full of pretty amazing moments. Find some.


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